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Gluten Free
We have a wide variety of Gluten Free products for those people with gluten intolerances.

Vegetarians are really cool. I should know because I am one! :). We have huge range of vegetarian meals.

Dairy Free
We cater for birthday celebrations for that special someone with lactose intolerance or other allergy or alternative diet. We can organize your parties or other celebrations, like Valentine’s Day Dairy Free Party with a lot of special Valentines gifts for him and her.

In addition to our Social Responsibility, we know the environment needs our help – after all, we rely on it for life itself. Below are a few things V Spot Cafe is doing to reduce our impact on the world around us.


For Dine In. Crockery and Cutlery

NEW – Jan 2015

You told us you wanted us to use reusable, rather than biodegradable, plates cups, knifes, forks and spoons – We listened.

It is a hotly debated matter – biodegradable or reusable (requiring water and electricity). So we have gone with your request.

We continue to spend time making sure you are happy and we are providing the services you want. Let us know what you think, we are listening.

For Take Away. Compostable cups, lids, straws and spoons


Our ‘paper’ cups are produced in an environmentally responsible way.

Unlike traditional paper cups that use a petroleum-based plastic lining, BioCups are lined with a bioplastic lining (polylactic acid (PLA)) derived from corn starch.

The production of PLA emits fewer greenhouse gas emissions when compared to conventional plastic production.

The paper used to produce BioCups is sourced from managed plantations and all emissions associated with the production and distribution of our products is offset through the purchase of carbon credits.

Together, we can make a difference one cup at a time.’

Reusable Cups (BYOCups available for purchase at V Spot Cafe)

Made from plants, not oil.

Compostable cups are great but reusable cups are better. Reusable cups made from renewable resources are better again.

BYOCups are made from PLA – an annually renewable plant based bioplastic.


No Bottled Water

Inspired by Bundanoon becoming the first Australian town to become ‘Bottled Water Free’ in 2009, V Spot Cafe is following their lead and hopes you will too.

Canberra Water is great to drink. We provide compostable cups for water and have glass bottles of tap water available in the seating area.

We are also happy to fill your water bottle for you with tap water.

We are investigating economical, environmentally sustainable, reusable bottles for sale and fill in case you forgot to bring your bottle and want water to take away – watch out for affordable V Spot Cafe Water Bottles soon.

Lots of organic produce

All our Milks, Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate are organic.

We offer:

  • Full Cream Dairy Milk
  • Skinny Dairy Milk
  • Oat Milk
  • Coconut Milk
  • Soy Milk
  • Rice Milk
  • Almond milk
    No matter what drink you have at V Spot Cafe, you will pay the same price regardless of which milk you choose to have in it. It’s our way of helping you make the right choice for you and the environment.

Vegetarian / Vegan Food


Your Health

“A well-balanced vegetarian or vegan diet can provide many health benefits, such as a reduced risk of chronic diseases, including:

  • Obesity
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Diabetes
  • Some types of cancer.
    Vegetarians and vegans also have lower rates of illness and death from a number of degenerative diseases.”


We do not need to eat meat to survive, when we choose to eat meat, we are choosing to inflict death and suffering on others simply for the pleasure of tasting meat. Considering what goes on in factory farms and slaughterhouses, all that we gain in return is just a few moments of trivial pleasure.

The number of animals which are bred for slaughter depends directly on the consumer demand for meat. Every time we refrain from purchasing meat in a grocery store, we reduce this consumer demand, and ensure that fewer animals will be bred and forced to suffer.

The Planet

“Livestock production accounts for nearly 80 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture worldwide. It also places a much heavier burden on water, land and fossil fuel resources than grains and other crops.”

No Printed Menus

V Spot Cafe aims to bring you variety and seasonal goodness. Our menu changes frequently. The best way to find out about what is available is to speak to one of our great team members at the service counter. They can tell you more than you can read on a menu and suggest something to suit your dietary requirements and your appetite. Second best is to like us on Facebook – we advise our FB friends of menu changes instantly.

Less paper consumption, better informed customers, more appropriate food, every day.