Chrissie’s Vision

I am enthusiastic about helping and enabling people to improve their diet, health, and general well-being. I want to create a community of interesting, knowledgeable, curious customers, staff and suppliers.

The diet most of us have been taught to eat, as children, as TV consumers, as members of the western society, may not be as good for us or the planet as it could be. Everyone starts their journey to health and diet improvement at a different place and at any given time there are people at every different point on the path. I try to make it easier for them to access the food that supports them on that journey. Your dietary choices evolve as you learn more. There is no one right way. There is a right way for me, right now.

It is not always easy – there is a lot of information out there. It can be confusing and contradictory. I do not subscribe to any one particular school of thought on diet or lifestyle. I do believe we should eat (much!) less processed food, less refined sugar, fewer grains, less animal products and more raw food. I believe locally sourced, ethically produced, earth friendly is always best.

I also want to assist by offering a space where people can learn about aspects of diet and health and well-being to inform them on their journey.

If V Spot Cafe is able to inform, assist, nurture and nourish people in a loving, warm, accepting, supportive, understanding, compassionate way, then I have achieved my goal.

To be doing that here in Canberra where I started my path in the world of hospitality, in a city I have watched grow and mature, where so many others are doing the same is just the icing on the cake for me.