Our Wonderful Suppliers

Jasper Coffee Caffeine Dealers


‘Re-humanising the coffee in your cup’ since 1989.

We are proud to be associated with the wonderful, Family owned, Melbourne based Roasters of Organic, Fair Trade coffee, with a passion for the environment and the world’s people. They were Australia’s first Carbon neutral coffee roaster (Carbon Neutral since April 2009).

SereniTEA Infusions Premium, Organic, Fairtrade


SereniTEA Infusions was formed out of the desire of two young people wanting to launch a product that would promote peace and health both in the way it was sold and inherently in the product itself. Being the most widely consumed beverage in the world, and known for its numerous health benefits, they saw tea as an excellent way for people to relax, as well as support sustainable growth in underdeveloped communities where most tea is sourced from.

“SereniTEA is not just a name, but a word that encompasses everything that our products offers.”

Drinking tea is healthy and calming to the body. Our vision is exactly that; to provide a product that has a positive and peaceful impact to not only the consumer, but to the world as well. Join us on our journey.

An Australian owned company with a difference. Not only are their teas a premium selection, hand-picked for their freshness, quality and taste, but they are Certified Organic and Fairtrade certified as well. Hence, you are not only drinking a tea that is good for you, without any chemicals or pesticides, but that also supports the community from where it was sourced from.

Deeks health foods


Before deeks, a grain-free life was nearly impossible. Now you can enjoy life with deeks and feel great too! “We are uncompromising in making great tasting, nutritious gluten and grain-free food to help our customers enjoy life.”

The Fix: Cold Pressed Juice


The Fix make Cold Pressed Juice specifically designed to get your body working optimally. We are Raw. We are Alkaline. We are The Fix for You.
Their mission is to significantly improve the health profile of Australians and to revolutionise the juice industry by making healthy vegetable based cold pressed juice available, convenient and affordable to all.

“The Fix: Cold Pressed Juices” is an idea developed by two young entrepreneurs with the goal to empower individuals to take control of their lifestyles and accept responsibility for their lifestyle.
We believe we can empower people by giving them all the necessary tools to make good decisions. We aim to make healthy and tasty vegetable juices available, affordable and convenient to time poor, active and health conscious consumers.

Green Clover


Green Clover is a wholesaler / distributor to the Australian Health and Organic Food retail industry. We supply a broad range of the highest quality Organic, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Vegan and Natural products including:

  • Chilled Dairy and Non-Dairy
  • Frozen Foods
  • Dry Grocery

Grant The Big Issue


We love Grant. He has been warmly greeting us outside the Canberra Centre every day since we first began setting up V Spot Cafe. He soon learnt our names and began greeting us personally each time we went by. Most importantly Grant makes sure we have the latest copy of ‘The Big Issue’ as soon as it hits the street. It’s important that our customers have an alternative source of info to the big media outlets and some good news to read when relaxing at V Spot Cafe.

Green Wares


A Canberra based supplier of environmentally friendly catering and party supplies, including biodegradable and compostable plates, bowls, cups and cutlery., biodegradable tableware and packaging products made from annually renewable resources, including cups, plates, bowls, cutlery, food containers and bags. Some are certified compostable and some are recyclable and they provide an excellent green alternative to petroleum based plastic products.



Egg free. Dairy free. 100% vegan, With gluten free, soy free & sugar free options.

Born right here in Canberra, Veganarchy bakes delicious cupcakes, muffins and other yummy treats, using organic, fair-trade ingredients..

Lindsay and Edmunds

Lindsay and Edmunds is yet another wonderful Canberra enterprise providing V Spot Cafe with outstanding boutique, Fair Trade and Organic Chocolate Stirrers.

The merrymaker sisters

The merrymaker sisters are two Canberra girls who are ‘fit + healthy made’ and love sharing their Paleo lifestyle, recipes and observations. V Spot Cafe are thrilled to be the first cafe to offer delish, healthy Merrymaker raw cakes and raw bites.

Raw Capers

Raw Capers’ products are available at very select cafes and stores in Canberra.

Raw Capers offers a range of whole foods that do not require cooking. Raw food maintains the nutrients and enzymes that are normally killed off during cooking making them available to our bodies.

By playing with the qualities of taste and texture while incorporating and optimising super-foods, we have created a loving hand made range of Organic Raw Foods designed to maximise healthy outcomes whilst being absolutely delicious.

Real Chai

You should be getting the idea by now about how many wonderful food producers we have here in Canberra. In case you are not yet convinced and if you have not already met Canberra’s Real Chai Girl, let V Spot Cafe introduce you…

Anthea (aka The Chai Girl) stumbled upon a tiny little tea house in a ‘town in the Czech Republic and it was love at first sip. No turning back. Anthea was hooked.

It took five years of wondering, planning, dreaming and lets face it procrastinating before Anthea took the plunge and quit her job to to spend her life making us the best dam chai in town (when I say town, I of course mean… The Universe) (ED. and we all know Canberra is the centre of the Universe.)

To really get to know Anthea, The Chai Girl, come in to V Spot Cafe and experience her creation, order a Real Chai

Lou’s Catering Equipment

Lou Iouano, from Lou’s Catering, has been in the Catering Supplies business for 30 years.

Today, Lou’s Catering is well known throughout the Canberra region for their expertise in Catering Supplies for small businesses. Lou’s Catering provides a wide range of catering supplies from commercial ovens to glassware however, they are best known for their custom made catering equipment.

Funky Pies

Vegan Pies and Rolls – they’re Kosher!

OK, so Canberra does get some goodness from outside the boarders of the ACT. Funky Pies is one of the outstanding businesses that was good enough to be added to the list of suppliers at V Spot Café – that’s how good they are!

Funky Pies bakes wholesome pies and rolls with 100% Plant Based Ingredients. V Spot Cafe also sells their Gluten Free range

Funky Pies are egg & dairy free, made from 100% plant based ingredients.

Good for you, animals and the planet!