Real Life Chat Room

No, we don’t have a chat service on our web page, we have a real ‘bricks and mortar’ room where people actually physically come to hear a special guest speak and to interact with others in person………………….in real life!

Nothing to pay – Nothing to buy.

Just a sharing of ideas and experiences.


Have you got an idea, a topic you can speak on, or one you would like to have us cover ?

Contact us and we will see what we can do about making it happen.

Upcoming Evenets

26th Nov 2013 – This will be our final Real Life Chat Room for 2013.

Going Sugar free with Marsha Zaric

V Spot Cafe Real Life Chat Room will resume in 2014 – stay tuned for the 2014 Schedule.

Recent Events

29th Oct 2013 – A discussion of ideas and sharing of experiences around Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Gail ,who 12 months after recovering, cycled the length of the UK!

5th Nov 2013 – Kristen spoke on the evils of high heels and sitting all day. I went home and got rid of my heels (well, most of them). We need to do calf lengthening stretches – my fave is standing flat-footed on an ascending travelator. I’ve attached the diagram of how heels put the body out of alignment, for those who asked for it.

As far as desk bound jobs go, we need to MOVE – get up frequently and do the exercises we don’t have time for. Make time! Your back, neck and shoulders will thank you Check out Movement Monkey for other tips.

12th Nov 2013 – Celeste McGrath will talk to us about the benefits of raw food. Not only does it taste great, it’s really healthy!

19th Nov 2013 – Janet from Higher Function will talk about Pilates. Nothing to pay and nothing to buy – just a sharing of ideas and experiences