V Spot Cafe in the Media

November 2014

V Spot Café features in Women’s Health December Issue (Out Now!) as one of “The 50 Healthiest Cafes and Restaurants in Australia“, pg 112 to 119 V Spot Cafe is on pg114 – Nov 1

August 2014

V Spot Café features on ABC Canberra News item, Multi-cryptocurrency ATM opens in ACT – Aug 21

July 2014

V Spot Cafe ranks in – Her Canberra – Top 5 Healthy Cafes In Canberra – July 11

V Spot Cafe features as ‘Secret 7 – Chefs are good at sneaking healthy ingredients in’ when Merrymaker Sisters spill about healthy food restaurants in Canberra for news.com.au – July 01

June 2014

V Spot Cafe hosted Canberra Cake Club for their June Cakeup. Check out the amazing Gluten Free creations.

V Spot Cafe and Chrissie Wittich feature in the article, Canberra cafes welcome bitcoin benefits, in The Canberra Times – June 03

May 2014

V Spot Cafe is included in Gluten free is easy in Canberra City on In The City, Canberra – May 21

V Spot Cafe provides lunch for Amanda while she is Getting ‘fixed’ – all the details of my three day cleanse with The Fix and V Spot Cafe, check it out on Her Canberra By Amanda Whitley- May 20

April 2014

V Spot Cafe joins Instagram! Follow us @vspotcafe

March 2014

V Spot Cafe accepts Bitcoin – Alternative Currency for an Alternative Cafe on Her Canberra by Charly Leetham — March 4

February 2014
Walk the Walk – (4) V Spot Cafe, pg 20-21, In the City, The Canberra Times – February 24

Dining with Josephine Huynh – For the Vegetarians, V Spot Cafe, pg 33, In the City, The Canberra Times – February 24

January 2014
Raw Delight – Tasty Zoodles New Tempter – The Northside Chronicle – January 14, Page 4

November 2013
Cafe with vegetarians in mind – V Spot Cafe in The City News 21st Nov 2013
Raw Food Dinner Review by The Merrymaker Sisters also on Her Canberra

October 2013

Iain Simmons features V Spot Cafe’s ‘Canberra Reds’ wall in his art – ‘Built in Canberra’

September 2013

Canberra CBD Tweets about V Spot Cafe